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  • Single-leg stance

    Single-leg stance

    This exercise helps to improve your balance, which is really important for fall prevention. Play Video
  • Standing bicep curl

    Standing bicep curl

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  • Scapular retraction

    Scapular retraction

    This is a great exercise for the postural muscles of the upper back. By doing it on an... Play Video
  • Latissimus dorsi stretch

    Latissimus dorsi stretch

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  • Pelvic tilt

    Pelvic tilt

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  • Thoracic spine extension

    Thoracic spine extension

    Compression fractures are common in the thoracic spine, particularly when you're bending... Play Video
  • Standing spine stretch

    Standing spine stretch

    This weight-bearing exercise will help you elongate the spine and stretch your back muscles. Play Video
  • Ball squat

    Ball squat

    This is a lower-body strengthening exercise. It also helps you practice your neutral spine and... Play Video
  • Neutral spine

    Neutral spine

    Your neutral spine is your body's most efficient, ideal alignment. It's important to practice... Play Video

Wall push-up

The wall push-up is a great exercise to help you practice your neutral spine, as well as engage the abdominals and strengthen the upper body.

Last modified: 2012-03-06