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Kidney Disease

One of the health complications associated with diabetes is damage to your kidneys.

Your kidneys filter the toxins from your blood and return the clean blood back into your body. These toxins are then passed to your bladder.

The filtering happens inside small blood vessels in your kidneys. High levels of glucose in the blood can damage these blood vessels, causing them to leak. As a result, protein and nutrients are lost in your urine, and some of the toxins remain in your bloodstream, causing serious and possibly fatal complications.

A healthcare professional can test for this damage with a yearly urine albumin excretion check, and by regularly testing your blood pressure. They can help you find ways to change your eating and exercise habits to lower your risk of kidney disease.

By making healthy diet choices, leading an active lifestyle, and taking your prescribed medication, you can minimize your risk of kidney disease.

Last modified: 2012-03-06