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  • Types of Insulin

    Types of Insulin

    We all have our own day-to-day routines, and that means the same injection schedule won't work... Play Video
  • Benefits of insulin

    Benefits of insulin

    Insulin is the oldest medication used to treat diabetes, and has the fewest side effects ... Play Video
  • Where do I inject my insulin?

    Where do I inject my insulin?

    Injecting in the same spot repeatedly can lead to pain, lumps and poor insulin absorption ... Play Video
  • Side effects

    Side effects

    If you miss a dose, or don't take enough insulin, the result can be high blood glucose levels... Play Video

I'm afraid of needles

Today's needles are very short, and so thin that you barely feel anything. Injecting your insulin is often more comfortable than testing your blood glucose! Needles come in a variety of sizes, and your doctor will help you choose the one that's right for you. The higher the gauge, the thinner the needle. Insulin needles are designed for maximum comfort. You might be nervous about injecting yourself in the beginning, but give it a chance. It really is practically painless.

Last modified: 2012-03-06