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  • High cholesterol

    High cholesterol

    In the bloodstream, there are two types of cholesterol that play a role in your heart health... Play Video
  • Prevention of risk factors

    Prevention of risk factors

    It's important to be aware of your risk factors the ones you're born with, and the ones you... Play Video
  • How your heart works

    How your heart works

    Blood enters the right side of your heart, then flows into your lungs, where it picks up... Play Video
  • Metabolic syndrome

    Metabolic syndrome

    When a person has "Metabolic syndrome," it means there are several reasons why they are more... Play Video
  • What is a stroke?

    What is a stroke?

    When someone has a stroke, it's because their brain has suddenly stopped functioning. ... Play Video
  • Surgery


    Since narrowed arteries can lead to a heart attack, your doctor may want to perform a surgery... Play Video
  • What is heart disease?

    What is heart disease?

    Heart disease includes many different conditions -- some that affect the blood flow to the... Play Video