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  • What causes a heart attack?

    What causes a heart attack?

    Your heart takes blood from the small coronary arteries that wrap around your heart. If... Play Video
  • Recovering from a heart attack

    Recovering from a heart attack

    A heart attack is a significant event, and it could take time for your body to recover ... Play Video
  • Cardiac arrest

    Cardiac arrest

    When someone has a heart attack -- or myocardial infarction -- it means the blood flow to... Play Video

What is heart disease?

Heart disease includes many different conditions -- some that affect the blood flow to the heart, or the heart's electrical activity, and others affect the actual mechanics of your heart. With any form of heart disease, you need to pay special attention to your heart health. It's important to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and get regular exercise. Work with your doctor to develop a heart health plan, so you can keep your heart in the best possible shape.

Last modified: 2012-03-06